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Case Goods pl.n.
Pieces of furniture, such as desks, bookcases, or chests of drawers that provide interior storage space.

It's more than just furniture. It's a part of who you are. Your identity. Your inspiration. Colonial Business Systems offers a full line of case goods to meet your style and your needs at affordable prices.

We can help create functional and productive private offices, open-concept work environments, receptions stations and meeting and conference rooms. We specialize in helping you find storage solutions for documents, materials, files, paper, computer hardware, and personal items.

We provide practical, professional designs that never go out of style. Our products stay consistent over time so it’s easy to build your office around one style as your needs grow. Let us help you personalize your space by choosing from a wide variety of :

• Styles
• Finishes
• Colors
• Surfaces
• Storage Solutions
• Accessories

Case Goods
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